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When I reflect back on production for BLYNDi’s first solo show, one of the most stressful parts was helping choose the music for the show for our streetwear brand. Music is a big part of Justin’s life and his design process. Its where he gets his color schemes and the music videos are where he looks for fashion trends. He envisions his designs on the artist he’s watching at the moment, how they would be displayed, the aesthetic, and how his clothes would move with the music.

BLYNDi World
(c) Frank Roberts

Hip-Hop is a big part of Justin’s creation process. He grew up in hip-hop culture, and thus it’s played a huge part in his life. Artist like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, and Pusha-T have helped him get through some pretty tough times. A lot of BLYNDi’s designs have been created to these artist’s music, in fact, a lot of Justin’s designs are influenced by what he is listening to at the time.


BLYNDi Volume One was inspired by 28 years of darkness, pain, sadness, and how one eventually can overcome it. The first half of the show was the dark. It was about battling your personal demons, dealing with self-doubt, and being lost. Songs like No Church in the Wild by JayZ and Kanye West, Leviathan by G-Eazy, and Lost in the World by Kanye West, helped tell that story in the first half of the show.

Blyndi World

The second half of the show was a story of a brighter future. It told a story of coming into your own and realizing your self-worth, conquering your demons, and there is even a hint of falling in love. (We had several questions as to why Unforgettable by French Montana featuring Swae Lee was included well that’s why :)!) The last three songs of the show, however, were the most important: Legend by G-Eazy, Alpha Omega by MGK, and Icon by Jaden Smith.


Three songs, three different titles, one meaning: I am great. That’s what the show was all about. Justin conquering his past, finding himself, and inspiring other’s to do so as well. No matter what your past may be, as cheesy as it sounds you do have the opportunity for a better future, but you have to change it yourself!

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