Play By Ear


When I reflect back on production for BLYNDi’s first solo show, one of the most stressful parts was helping choose the music for the show for our streetwear brand. Music is a big part of Justin’s life and his design process. Its where he gets his color schemes and the music…

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Coast To Coast

BUSY WEEK! The day after our first solo fashion show, we participated in Coastal Fashion Week.  It was time for us to retire the Emerging Designer title from the CFW annual competition. The feature we received in Exalte Magazine gave great delight, and we are excited to pass on the Emerging Designer title to This…

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That’s A Wrap


Wow! Just in a year, I go from winning Coastal Fashion Week to my very first sold-out solo show. This really feels amazing. First of all, I want to say Thank You, to everyone who came out to the show on January 13, 2018. Leading up to the show, I…

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The Birth of BLYNDI

Emerging fashion designer, Justin Tullie, launched the brand BLYNDI because he passionately believes in finding the beauty throughout the toughest times of your life. Growing up homeless with drug-addicted parents and having to go through the foster care system has really shaped his outlook on the world. When he was…

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