That’s A Wrap


Wow! Just in a year, I go from winning Coastal Fashion Week to my very first sold-out solo show. This really feels amazing. First of all, I want to say Thank You, to everyone who came out to the show on January 13, 2018. Leading up to the show, I was really stressed from making the clothes, to will all the seats be sold. I had to stop and think about what my awesome team told me: “You make the clothes and we will handle the rest.”

Frank Roberts Photography

Secondly, I would like to also thank the photographers who came out to help us photograph this amazing show. These guys worked so hard capturing all the greatest moments.


Photographer: Frank Roberts


Photographer: Richard Dollison


Photographer: Joshooa Jergins


Photographer: Julie Andel

Thirdly, I really want to say thank you to my amazing brand developer, Chrissy, the support form Mobile Fashion Week Members, Richard and Malcolm, and all other great support teams members that came out to help push through the process. These guys have been here for the very first production meeting, to the day of show. I will forever be thankful to you for all the hard work you have done, and continue to do to help me develop my brand into what it is today. These three have really helped bring my dreams into reality.


Christian Springer, Photographer

Jordan Atichson, Artist

Mobile Arts Council, Show Supporter

Mint, Show Sponsor

Pablo’s Life, Show Sponsor

Saenger / SMG, Show Location

Future Astronaut, Music/Show


Finally, Thank you to the sponsors. You really help make this show come to life. Without you, this show could not hit the runway. I really can’t wait to work with all you again. heads up another show coming soon.


Justin, Designer

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