The Eye Behind The Lens: Amber Jones

Amber Jones

For our latest collection the “Serial Series”, BLYNDi had the opportunity to work with the talented Amber Jones. Amber is a young, ambitious, and very talented photographer/stylist right here in Mobile, Alabama. Amber Jones

In addition to shooting BLYNDi, Amber has produced various types of intricate projects from feature photography of bands such as The Brook and the Bluff, JIMBO, and even developed the EP album art for Macy Rae. In the fashion industry, Amber has been the featured stylist in magazines such as Bellum and worked with numerous models along the Gulf Coast excelling in editorial fashion photography.

Her diverse skill set has propelled her into her passion, and with her delicate and unique eye for art, she is definitely someone to look out for. We personally can’t wait for the opportunity to work with Amber again!

Amber & Friends

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