“Did you decided to stop designing BLYNDi?”

It’s a question I dread and have been asked too many times to count for the past few months. My hiatus after a successful first solo show wasn’t a planned one, but it was a necessary one.

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis. Every day it was like I couldn’t catch a break. My bones would feel broken. My joints would swell. If I didn’t wake up with a fever, I considered it a good day. Despite this, I always felt the need to push myself. I refused to be portrayed as weak, sick, and helpless.
After countless medications and treatments, I took a turn for the worst. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I could barely walk. My kidney function was failing. None of the many medications that I was on were working, and I was getting admitted to the hospital for weeks at a time.
“Chemotherapy” When most people hear that word they think of Cancer. It’s also the last resort for people with Lupus. All I wanted to do was feel better. I wanted to get back to sewing and designing. I wanted to get off desk duty. (For those who don’t know I am a Mobile Police Officer. I am currently on light duty until I recover.)
I received my first chemo treatment in my hospital bed as I had been in the hospital for over a week at that time. At the point, I had been poked and prodded so much it was just another iv to me. I spent my “chemo time” joking with my girlfriend to keep ourselves in high spirits. “What if I lose my hair?” I asked her. “We will get you a nice hat.” was her response. “I’ll probably lose my eyebrows.” I retorted. “Shut up. I’ll just draw them on for you.” was her simple reply. I drove her crazy thinking of all the side effects I could possibly get. She thought I was just being negative. In reality, I was terrified and preparing myself mentally for the worst.
I’ll spare you the gory details but, long story short…..CHEMO SUCKS!! Obviously, no one is like “Yay,  Chemo is awesome.” but still the night of my first treatment those side effects hit me like a truck. If I thought I felt weak before, that was nothing compared to how I felt that night. I thought there was NO WAY I could go through this for the next 6 months.

So here I am, about to start round 3 of chemo. I haven’t lost all my hair, and my girlfriend hasn’t had to draw on my eyebrows. I still have bad days, where nausea and pain take over and I just wanna curl in a ball, but they are surrounded by a lot more good days. I’m ready to get back patrolling the streets of Mobile, and sewing clothes. With that being said,

No, I didn’t decide to stop BLYNDi.

With my health improving every day, I’m more inspired than ever! Keep your eyes out there are some big things about to happen with BLYNDi!

Thank ya’ll who have been supporting and checkin on me. The kid gonna be straight!!!


  1. Christina weeks Reply

    You’ve got this!!! Take care of you first and the rest will fall into place. ((Hugs))

  2. Sarah Levey Reply

    You are such an inspiration!! Keep fighting the good fight! I cannot wait to hear the big announcement about what is next.

    Lots of prayers being sent your way! God bless!!


  3. Angel (Wyndham fam) Reply

    Hey Justin. I didn’t even know you were going through this, but what I do know is that perseverance is running through your veins and you’re dope as fuck!! Love and miss you

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